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Price list

To update your prices in the website, please go the the Distributor Dashboard.

  • Go to Toolbox and click on Update your sales prices.
  • Click on Cancel because you always arrive on the screen of the last price list that you uploaded.

If it's the first time you upload your price list: 

  • Download the excel file.
  • Fill in all prices. 
  • Make sure that no product has 0,00 €  (zero) as price !! If you don't offer a product, please put the stock on 0 (zero) (via the separte stock tool).
  • Save the excel file on your computer.
  • Upload the excel file. 

If you already uploaded once a price list (our PN did for you):

  • Download the new price list from the price tool area.
  • Enter all prices manually or do a vertical search (see separate movie on how to do this) in excel to discover the new products.
  • Check all prices & double check the new products
  • Make sure that no product has 0,00 €  (zero) as price !! If you don't offer a product, please put the stock on 0 (zero) (via the separate stock tool).
  • Save.
  • Upload the excel file.

On the overview screen, you can check if all prices are correct by clickin on the eye icon.

  • If the prices are correct, click on the close button.
    • Next click on the Update prices button.
  • If the prices are not correct, click on the close button. 
    • Next click on the Cancel button and start over.

Note: for deals you have to enter the total price.


To request new stock for your Cash & Carry, please go to the Distributor Dashboard.

  • Go to Toolbox and click on Upload your stock request.
  • Click on Download order template.
  • Now an excel file will be opened (or will appear somewhere in your browser to open).
  • In column G (with header #), you should enter for each product how many products you would like to order.
  • Note: you only have to enter amounts for products you would like to order.
  • Save the excel file on your computer and close it.
  • Go back to the Dashboard and click on Upload order....
  • Select the excel file that you saved on your computer.
  • When that is done, you see the name of the file in the button. Click now on the button with the Upload icon.
  • Note: on the screen that you see now, it is still possible to modify the amount of products you want to order.
  • If everything is set correctly, click on Place Order
  • The order will no longer have a checkout in the webshop but is directly send to NAV
  • If necessary you can change the shipping address.


If products are not in stock anymore, you can use this tool to have a notification on those products on the website.

  • Download the excel file in the stock tool.
  • Next, enter in this excel file the reference numbers of the products that are out of stock (row 1).
  • Put in row 2 a '0' (zero)  to indicate that there is no stock of this product.
  • Next upload the excel file.
  • In the shop, this products will be listed as 'out of stock'. 
  • Customers can click on 'Notifiy me when back in stock' to get notified if this product is back in stock.
  • If a product is back in stock, the customer will receive an e-mail when he/she has clicked on this button.

If products are back in stock, you can also use this tool to update your stock.

  • Follow the same procedure als described above.
  • Put in row 2 a '10' for the products that are back in stock.
  • Why '10'?  It's just a number to indicate that there is stock.
  • Note: the system doens't count down on your stock. So it's up to you to maintain the stock.

In case you don't sell certain products of the PN product range, you can also put these products on stock '0' (zero).


  • With the training tool, you can upload your training locations, dates & timeslots.
  • You can also add the number of available seats for a workshop.
  • Next, customers can subscribe & buy online for the basic training or a workshop in the Academy section of the website. 
  • If customers subscribe via phone, in the shop or after another workshop, you can add them in the system yourself.
  • In this way, you have a good overview of the available seats left.
  • Customers will be able to subscribe for a waiting list if the workshop is fully booked.
  • Note: please make sure that you select the right workshop for your country: you can find a list of all workshop names + related codes (e.g. LUX-MAS-001) for your country at the bottom of the page where you upload the training locations & dates.

Adyen - payment platform

Useful tips for the e-commerce section


  • It is possible to have a list of all orders (by default the order overview page is on completed orders).
  • You can see this list by clicking in the drop list of Order progress on 'All Orders'.
  • Next, click on Apply.
  • You will now see a list of all orders. 
  • Completed orders will be in black.
  • Not completed orders will be in red.


  • In order to see more / less details on the Order overview page, you can perform a richt click on the table header.
  • Next, you can (de)select additional parameters to appear in this order overview.
  • Tip: it is very useful to have the column 'Completed' visible in your overview. This indicates when the order was completed by the customer. The column 'Created' indicates when the customer started with filling the shopping basket.


  • When an order is treated, it can be put on order state Completed.
  • In this way, you have a better overview of treated vs. not treated orders.
  • You can do this by selecting the order via the check box. 
  • Next, click on 'Completed' in the upper part of the screen.
  • Note: for Paris & Belgium: please select Booked recieve.


  • It is also possible to change the order state of an order on the detailed order page.
  • This can be done by changing New into Completed in the upper part of the screen.

Add a new customer

When you want to create a new customer manually, this can be done in the following way:

  • Go to Users in the left vertical navigation and select your company.
  • Click on the vertical ... icon.
  • Select in the submenu New user.
  • Click on the first + icon to add a new user. 
  • Next, you will see a sheet where you can fill in all data of your customer.

When filling in the customer sheet, please take in mind:

  • Create a username & password (and communicate afterwards this username & password to your customer. They can change this password at any time).
  • Enter the name (company name), first name, last name & e-mail.
  • When entering the address, please take in mind to have the house number in the same field as where you enter the street (cfr. example below).
  • Select as billing/shipping country your country.
  • Enter the phone number.
  • Enter the VAT number.
  • When you arrive at the Custom Fields, enter the Salesperson Code
  • If your customer is a Premium salon, check (also at Custom Fields) the checkbox 'Is Premium'.
  • Press the Save and Close button.

Note: If you have a customer that has a different salon name vs. invoice name, it is possible to also display the salon name. This can be interesting for Premium salons that will be displayed in the Find us section on the website.

In order to set the salon name correctly, scroll down until you see the section Custom fields. Here you will find a label ‘Display name’: you can enter here the salon name (in the example above ‘BE - ProNails Antwerp').

Add a premium salon

When your customer is created / present in your customer database in Dynamic Web, it is possible to add this customer to the Premium salons group. 

  • Go to Users in the left vertical navigation and select your company.
  • Select the subfolder Premium salons.
  • Click on the vertical ... icon.
  • Select in the submenu Edit group.

In the screen displayed below, you can manage all salons that should appear in the Premium salons section (visible in the Find us section on the website).

  • Add a customer to this Premium salons group by clicking on the Add user icon in the Select users section (indicated with the orange square on the picture below).
  • On the next screen: search for your customer (on top of the screen) (you can also select your customer in your folder with all salons).

  • Once your customer is selected (= appears in blue), click on Select at the bottom of the page.

  • Next you will see that this customer is added to the group of Premium salons.

  • Click on Save and Close.

  • Please note that it is not possible to add multiple Premium salons at the same time to this folder.
  • Customers can be removed from the group by clicking their name and next clicking on the red cross. This doesn’t mean that they are deleted from your customer data; they are only removed from the group ‘Premium salons’.
  • Don’t forget to hit the ‘Save’ button from time to time in order to not to lose any work. At the end you can click on ‘Save and Close’. You can find these buttons at the bottom of the page.